Rebates and Incentives


CoolSavers Rebate


Download CoolSavers Rebate Chart 2013


Residential High Efficiency Heating Equipment Rebate Program

The Residential High Efficiency Rebate Program provides rebates to residential owners and customers of Laclede Gas Company and Missouri Natural Gas Company for the installation of high efficiency heating systems, programmable thermostats and natural gas water heaters:

Owners of, or customers living in, an individually metered dwelling unit, are eligible to participate in this program and must apply for rebates through Energy Federation Incorporated (EFI) with or without the assistance of your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.

Rebate Limit:  Individual dwelling units, as determined by account number, whether owner-occupied or rental property, are eligible for a maximum of two heating system rebates and two programmable thermostat rebates under this program.

Owners of multiple individually metered dwelling units are limited to a maximum of 50 heating system rebates and 50 programmable thermostat rebates during one program year.

EFI is accepting and processing rebate applications for Laclede Gas and Missouri Natural Gas. Completed applications, along with all supporting documents, should be mailed to:

EFI – Laclede Gas Rebate
40 Washington St., Suite 2000
Westborough, MA 01581


St. Louis County Saves Program (Eligible Improvements List 1)

Home Energy Assessment

Home Energy Assessment providers in the St. Louis County SAVES(TM) program help you identify the best opportunities for comfort and savings in your home and can also walk you through a retrofit process from beginning to end. The costs of the assessment are also eligible for a state tax deduction. Please visit for some great information on the value of a professional home energy assessment.

Insulation and Air/Duct Sealing

  • HVAC 3 (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) – Replacement Only
  • Programmable Thermostats required with every replacement HVAC project
  • Furnaces – Gas/Propane High Efficiency (90 AFUE minimum)
  • Furnaces – Oil High Efficiency (85 AFUE minimum)
  • Boilers High Efficiency(90 AFUE minimum) Central Air Conditioners- Split High Efficiency (SEER 14.5 minimum; EER 12 minimum) Central Air Conditioners- Packaged High Efficiency(SEER 14 minimum; EER 11 minimum) Air-Source Heat Pumps- Split High Efficiency (SEER 15 minimum; EER 12.5 minimum; HSPF 8.5 minimum) Air-Source Heat Pumps – Packaged
  • *High Efficiency (SEER 14 minimum; EER 12.0 minimum; HSPF 8.0 minimum)

Small Fan Motor Upgrades

  • Type – ECM

Flue Lining

  • The costs of installing or repairing a flue liner for HVAC replacements is allowed to ensure health and safety in the home.

Whole House Fan

  • High efficiency models which incorporate mechanically assisted insulated doors/dampers.