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Switching from Heating to Cooling 101

As spring approaches home owners begin to ask the same question — “When is the right time to switch from heating to cooling?” Making the right decisions when it comes to the transition is important to maintaining a properly functioning HVAC system. If you don’t do everything you should be doing during the transition it could result in the need for air conditioning repair which would otherwise have been avoidable. By following these simple steps you ensure that your switch is handled as efficiently as possible to protect your system and save you money.

1) Shut Off Your Heat

The first step is the most obvious, but also one where it’s easy to overlook the small details. Before making the switch over to air conditioning you want to ensure that your heating system has been turned off. There’s no use having both running at the same time, potentially fighting each other. If your heating and cooling share a thermostat, simply moving over from Heat to Cool will suffice, but if not be sure that your heating system is shut off as the warm weather approaches. If you use an old gas heating system with a pilot light, it is also important that you make sure that the gas to your furnace has been shut off.

2) Get a Heating Check-Up

Although incoming warm weather means your mind is likely turning to thoughts of air conditioning repair, it’s also a great time to get your heating system checked out. It just made it through an entire fall and winter of heating your home, and that can mean build-up of residue or other potential risks. Before putting your heating system completely out of mind until next fall, consider bringing in an HVAC specialist to give your system a quick check and identify any possible issues before they have an entire summer to sit and potentially get worse.

3) Change Out Your Filters

The transition period is also the perfect time to check on the filters in your system. You’re heading toward an entire summer of using your cooling system, so you want to be sure that it is working as efficiently as possible. When your filters are clogged up that means air flow is reduced and your system has to work harder in order to get your house as cool as you want it. What’s more, clogging can lead to problems for your HVAC unit which means failing to swap your filters out when they need it is a recipe for needing air conditioning repair in Ballwin, MO. Don’t regret your mistake, prevent it from happening in the first place. A little time changing your filters now can lead to big savings by the end of summer.

4) Ensure Everything is Open

If your heating and cooling systems do not share ducts, it is likely that you have closed off some vents in your cooling to prepare for the winter. While this makes sense as a way of keeping heat in during the cold months, it also means your air conditioning has nowhere to go once you turn it back on. Forgetting to open your vents back up is liable to have you thinking you are in need of air conditioning repair when in reality your house is simply not getting cooler because there’s nowhere for the cool air to get out.

5) Unblock the System

Closing vents isn’t the only way you can obstruct your cooling system, lowering its efficiency and increasing the likelihood you need to call out for air conditioning repair. When the vents aren’t blowing it is all too easy to allow them to get covered up as you move furniture and other belongings around your house. Always check that there are no bulky items blocking your vents when you are opening them for the summer to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cooling system.

6) Clear Off Your Unit

Just as it’s important to keep the interior elements of your cooling unit cleaned out properly in order to avoid unnecessary damage and air conditioning repair costs, you should also be monitoring your exterior unit as well. If you have a protective lid or cover for use during the cold weather months, be sure that the lid is open or the cover is off before you turn it on. Proper circulation is essential for proper function and running it while it is covered can be damaging. If you do not keep it covered during cold months, make sure that natural debris has not gathered on or around it. Remove any branches, leaves or other debris before turning it on to avoid the need to call an air conditioning repair professional when it breaks.

7) Get Your Cooling Unit Looked At

Before the summer weather arrives, it’s best that you make sure your cooling unit is in working condition. Calling an air conditioning repair technician out for a check up can save you big in the long run by identifying any minor problems before they have the chance to grow into major issues in need of major repairs. Since your cooling system has been inactive for the prior months, there is potential that corrosion or other issues have arisen which will only become apparent under a thorough inspection or when they cause your system to fail. Your air conditioning repair technician will make sure that any problems are identified and dealt with so you can have a summer of cool air.

8) Adjust Your Settings

The final check to make before getting your cooling system up and running for the summer is to adjust all of your thermostat settings to make sure they are where you want them to be for the warm weather ahead. If you have any automatic timers set, ensure they are where you need them to be, and also manage what your resting temperature will be. Forgetting to update your settings on some thermostats can lead to your home cooling down in the summer to your minimum temperature in the winter.

Air conditioning repair costs are a reality of owning an HVAC system. By following these rules you can minimize your risk. If you do need repairs or a check up, be sure to call a specialist in air conditioning repair in Ballwin, MO, that you can count on to get the work you need done right!

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