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Top Furnace Issues to Watch for This Fall

Fall’s the time to watch out for furnace issues at your home or business in Ballwin, MO. It’s the first time you might need to turn on the heat to beat the morning or evening chill following the warmer days of summer. From your system blowing cold air to clogged filters, there are several issues that can occur and cause you to seek furnace repair Ballwin, MO. Here’s a closer look at three of the top furnace issues.

1. Cold Air from your Furnace

If you’ve experienced your furnace blowing cold air, you know how unsettling this can be. There’s usually a simple explanation for the cold air, however. Sometimes an extinguished pilot light is the cause. While you can use your furnace’s manual to learn how to relight it, it’s usually safer and more efficient to enlist the help of a furnace repair Ballwin, MO expert. Other times, a dirty flame sensor is a culprit when your furnace blows cold air. Many furnaces use this technology instead of the traditional pilot light. A regular maintenance plan is a great solution for keeping an eye on the status and condition of your pilot light or flame sensor.

2. Unusual Furnace Noises

If you’ve had your furnace for a while and it’s run without any issue, unusual noises and motions such as shudders, shakes, and scrapes are signs that something might be wrong. From a loose rattling screw to loud banging sounds, many signs could show your furnace needs minor or major repairs. While you might want to investigate the issue yourself, it’s a good idea to look for professional solutions. An expert in furnace repair Ballwin, MO has the knowledge and experience to know where to look and what to look for. From a damaged filter to a broken blower wheel, an HVAC professional can pinpoint the problem and provide the solution, saving you time and money.

3. Clogged Filter

As in any air-flow system, clogged filters cause a loss of efficiency and power. In the case of your furnace, its clogged filter can cause it to work harder, driving up your heating bill. Check your furnace’s instruction manual for guidance on how often to replace its filter. While you can add this task to your seasonal list, it’s also something that HVAC experts tend to include in their preventative maintenance plans. Not only can they regularly replace the filter, but they also can schedule routine cleanings for your furnace’s air ducts. Clogged or dirty air ducts can cause uneven heating in your home or business, increasing your monthly heating bill.

4. Invest in a Furnace Repair Ballwin, MO Maintenance Plan

While these are three of the top furnace issues to watch for this fall, you can avoid the stress and high costs often associated with furnace repair Ballwin, MO. Contact full-service residential and commercial HVAC mechanical contractor Advantage Air today for a maintenance plan that will help prevent these top issues and others from occurring. The company has 20 years of experience and its trained and certified technicians are punctual, efficient and committed to providing you with exceptional service.

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