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Signs Your AC’s the Wrong Size

There’s nothing wrong with having a bigger air conditioner than your home needs, right? You cool down faster and you don’t have to run the unit for very long. The truth of the matter is it’s essential to have a unit that’s just right, neither too big nor too small. Advantage Air is here with signs you have the wrong size AC, which may lead to avoidable AC repair Fenton MO.

Continuous Operation

An AC unit that never shuts off may be too small for the home it’s in. The unit’s simply not big enough to cool a home adequately, so it never stops trying. This may lead to high energy bills and premature aging of the unit. 

Constant Cycling

Rather than never shutting off, your air conditioner may frequently turn off and on. This may indicate a unit that’s too big, one too good and too fast at cooling your home. The issue with units that are too big is they strain themselves using so much unnecessary energy.

High Humidity Levels

Does it feel more humid inside your home than it does outside? ACs either too small or too big for a property cannot balance interior humidity levels properly. While humidifiers or dehumidifiers may help maintain comfort levels, you and your family may experience more relief with a properly sized AC unit.

Cold and Hot Spots in Your Home 

If the central part of your home feels cooler than rooms near the exterior of your residential property, you may have a larger air conditioner than you need. What’s likely happening is the AC quickly reaches your desired temperature in rooms in the “core” of your home but shuts down before distributing cool air to other rooms, creating cold and hot spots.

Double-check that you have the right air conditioner for your home. Submit a contact form to speak with an Advantage Air technician today for AC Repair in Fenton MO.

AC Repair Fenton MO

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