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Signs You Need a New AC

You’ve had your current air conditioning unit for several years. Lately, it’s had more problems, but you don’t know if you should invest in more repairs or an entirely new unit. Advantage Air offers professional AC repair Kirkwood MO, but we also want to help you understand when a repair’s not enough. Here are indications you probably need a new air conditioning unit rather than another fix.

Increasing Utility Bills

Maybe you do not vary your thermostat settings or how often you use your AC, yet your utility bills grow higher and higher. HVAC units lose their efficiency over the years, and yours may require more energy and effort to maintain your desired temperature. Upgrading to a newer, energy-efficient unit may help decrease your bills without compromising on your comfort.

Older Unit

Have you had your air conditioner for more than a decade? If so, you may want to save up for a new heating and cooling system. Most ACs last about 10 to 15 years, depending on usage and several other factors. Have a technician examine your unit, letting her or him how old it is and how you use it. Depending on the combination of factors, you may save more money springing for something new.

High Humidity Levels Inside Your Home

If it feels like you can’t escape the humidity, no matter if you’re inside or outside, your air conditioner may be the problem. AC units help control indoor humidity levels, but if yours does not, it may be too old to get the job done. Besides your overall comfort, another reason to maintain proper humidity levels inside your home is so you don’t have to deal with mold and mildew, which may lead to a cascade of other avoidable issues.

Work with an HVAC services technician to explore your options for a new unit. Contact Advantage Air to learn more at 636-230-5572.

ac repair kirkwood mo

4 Signs That It’s Time for AC Repairs

Kirkwood, Montana experiences plenty of freezing temperatures in the winter, but in the summer, it’s boiling. If your air conditioner stops working properly, you’re going to struggle to keep your cool. To keep your system from shutting down entirely, watch out for these four signs that it’s time to call for AC repair Kirkwood MO.

1. You Find Condensation Near Your System

When water starts condensing on your vents or on your AC unit, you probably have a refrigerant leak or a clogged drain tube. The first issue is more pressing, but in both cases, getting help quickly is a must.

2. Your Air Is Coming Out Hot

When your vents are blowing hot air, first check that your thermostat is switched from heating to cooling. If it is, you most likely have a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor. Repairs don’t take too long, but your entire HVAC system is useless until you make time for them.

3. Your Air Smells Weird

Ideally, the air leaving your vents smells like the air in the rest of your house. When it smells musty, you probably have mold in your ducts. When it smells like smoke, your unit’s wires have had a small fire, or they have heated up their insulation. Both scenarios threaten your family’s health.

4. You Can’t Control Your Humidity

When your house feels just as humid inside as it does outside or your windows’ interiors have condensation, your AC isn’t properly dehumidifying your house. Broken ducts and dusty evaporator coils are usually behind this problem.

When you’re having one of these problems with the AC at your home or business, we highly recommend that you contact our team at Advantage Air. Fill out our online contact form, schedule an appointment online, or call us at 636-230-5572 to get your AC back on track.

When To Call AC Repair Services

The dog days of summer are usually some of the hottest every year. The last thing you want is for your air conditioning system to go on the fritz. The key is to know when to call for AC repair Kirkwood MO. Check out these signs and symptoms that your air conditioner needs a little TLC.

The Airflow Is Weaker

One of the first signs that you need air conditioning repairs is weaker airflow. If you notice the air isn’t circulating as well, it could be because your system needs ductwork. Dirty ducts block the flow of air and push breathing hazards out into your home, so regular cleaning is essential. Another common reason for weaker airflow is that your air compressor has stopped working correctly.

You Notice Strange Odors

A quality AC won’t cause any odor when working. If you begin to notice that yours smells unusual, it is important to call a heating and air specialist as soon as possible. Foul odors could indicate damage to your electrical wiring, which can lead to bigger issues than no working air conditioning.

The Air Conditioner Is Blowing Out Warm Air

Having your air conditioner blow warm air is a surefire sign that something is wrong. Typically, this occurs because your compressor needs to be repaired so it can continue to cool the air. It could also indicate that your HVAC system is low on refrigerant. If neither of those are the case, your HVAC technician can check your home’s ductwork to ensure there are no cracks letting in warm air from places like your attic.

You deserve to relax and be comfortable away from the heat of the end of summer. If you notice problems with your system, contact Advantage Air for air conditioning maintenance. Contact us to schedule your appointment. We serve the St. Louis MO area, including Webster Goves and University City.