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How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Serviced?

It’s probably not surprising to find out your home’s furnace will last longer and cost you less if it’s properly maintained. That is the general rule when it comes to owning machines, after all. Everything from vehicles to computers can be made to last longer while doing a better job if it’s taken care of, and your furnace is no exception. Luckily, you can count on the qualified professionals you rely on for furnace repair Ellisville MO when you need to tune up your home HVAC. So, how often should that be? It depends on your home’s facilities. If you have a furnace but no central air conditioning, it’s a good idea to get at least an annual inspection. For those with full HVAC systems, twice a year is a good idea.

What Does Furnace Service Cover?

If you’re calling in repair professionals for preventive maintenance, you’re essentially asking for an inspection. Typically, this includes a few common features no matter what furnace company takes care of the tune-up:

  • Check filters and replace if they are due for replacement
  • Inspect mechanical components for wear and make repair recommendations as needed
  • Clean and inspect vents to ensure clear air flow throughout the home

Most of the time, people schedule this service for some time in the fall, just before the cold season kicks in and the furnace becomes a necessity. For those with central air in addition to heating, it’s not a bad idea to get springtime service ahead of the hot summer season. That way, you check out both the heating and cooling components before their busy time of year.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

You can’t always see repairs coming, but it is possible more often than you’d expect. Parts tend to show wear and stress well ahead of failure most of the time, and an experienced set of eyes can tell you when those parts are nearing the end of their lifespans, before a full mechanical failure disrupts the system, potentially damaging more components. To set up an inspection and tune up appointment near Ellisville, MO, contact Advantage Air today.

A Plan To Keep You Warm This Winter

At Advantage Air, we take your HVAC system seriously. We know you depend upon it for heat and cooling throughout the year. To prepare for this, our technicians have been certified by the North American Technician Excellence program, one of the most respected organizations of its kind. When it comes to furnace repair in Ellisville MO, we handle all major brands.

We have a proven plan to make sure your furnace is working when you need it. Our service plans give you priority in an emergency, and our technicians can be to your home or business in under 24 hours. Our well-equipped service vans can usually take care of the problem that day.

The Importance of Reliability

With something as crucial as your heating system, it is important that is works smoothly day and night. Our maintenance plans put an emphasis on reliability by providing cleaning and inspections that identify potential problems ahead of time. This means you can feel confident at all times. Our customized plans have many valuable features:

  • 21-point inspections
  • Inflation protection
  • Repair warranty
  • Discounts
  • Efficiency testing

Our company is reliable, too. We offer quality customer service, solid pricing options and professional work backed up by 20 years in the heating and cooling industry in your local area.

The Best Choice for Furnace Repair in Ellisville MO

Advantage Air only hires the best technicians. Our team is current and knowledgeable about the most advanced repair techniques and the latest equipment and diagnostic devices. When you call us, you will always get experienced and skilled workers.

While we excel in treating your HVAC system, our services extend into other areas. We repair water heaters and work on ventilation, gas piping and water line issues. We always strive to exceed your expectations.

Contact Advantage Air

To learn more about furnace repair in Ellisville MO, please click here. You can also call us at 636-230-5572.

Leading Furnace Repair Ellisville MO Services

A malfunctioning furnace can not only leave your home cold and uncomfortable, but it can also potentially leak dangerous gas into the air. A damaged furnace doesn’t run efficiently and can also cause your energy costs to skyrocket. Here at Advantage Air, we offer reliable furnace repair Ellisville MO services.

If your furnace isn’t working the way you think it should, we’d love to come out and look things over. Once we identify the source of the problem, we’ll do whatever we can to fix it right away. Quality is guaranteed with our HVAC services.


How to Tell if You Need Furnace Repair

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you need furnace repair or if it’s time to think about installing a brand new furnace. One thing you should know is that every furnace has a lifespan, just like a water heater, refrigerator, or any other appliance. Generally, the lifespan for a furnace is anywhere between 15 and 20 years. But some furnaces may break down before or after that time period, depending on how well they’ve been maintained and how hard they have to work to keep your house warm.

If your furnace is relatively new but showing some indications of problems already, it most likely just needs some repairs. Here are a few indications you may need furnace repairs in St. Louis MO or St. Charles County.

  • Difficulty getting the unit to start
  • Strange smells coming from your vents or from the unit itself
  • Persistent noises, such as clanking, squeaking or whistling, coming from your furnace
  • Discolored pilot light
  • Inadequate heat throughout your home

If you notice any of these issues in your home or business, it’s time to schedule an HVAC contractor to come out and provide heating and cooling service.

Contact Us

We offer both furnace and air conditioner repairs in Ellisville MO and the surrounding area including the St. Louis area, Chesterfield and St. Charles County. If you’re looking for an HVAC contractor you can trust with your furnace or AC repair needs, contact us today and schedule your appointment.

Furnace Repair Ellisville MO Services You Can Count On

Here at Advantage Air, we offer fast and reliable furnace repair Ellisville MO services when you need them most. There are so many potential reasons your furnace can stop working effectively. If that happens, you deserve to have peace of mind in knowing that heat will be restored to you quickly. In addition to regular HVAC services, we also offer emergency furnace repair year-round.

We Repair Most Furnace Brands

When you hire us to repair your HVAC system, you can rest assured that we know how to troubleshoot and fix issues with your specific furnace brand. Our skilled technicians know how to provide furnace repairs for practically all brands, including Carrier Furnaces, American Standard Furnaces, Trane Furnace, and many more. Here are a few indications you may need to schedule a service call for your unit:

  • Loud noises coming from your furnace
  • Cold air coming from your vents, even when you raise the temperature on the thermostat
  • Unusual smells coming from your furnace
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • No pilot light

These issues can be frustrating, but often they can be fixed with a few simple repairs. You may be able to troubleshoot simple issues yourself, such as cleaning or replacing your filter, changing the batteries in your thermostat, and cleaning the area around the pilot light.

If you are unable to fix the problem on your own or if serious problems are causing your furnace heating issues, you may need to consider replacing your furnace with a newer unit. We’ll let you know all your available options so you can make the most informed decision and ensure you have a reliable way to stay warm during the typical heating season.

Schedule Your Service

If you need furnace repair Ellisville MO services, please contact us. We’ll get you in our schedule right away and will come out and fix your heating system as soon as we can.

Reliable Furnace Repair Ellisville MO Services

You probably don’t think about your furnace too often, but it is the only thing you’ll be able to think about if it breaks down when you need it most. If you have owned your home long enough, you may already be experiencing some furnace issues that require repairs. If you aren’t sure what’s normal and what’s not, here are some indications you may want to schedule furnace repair Ellisville MO services as soon as possible.

How To Tell if Your Furnace Needs Repairs

If your furnace has a dirty filter, issues with the heat pumps, or simply don’t work properly anymore, here are some indications you have a problem:

  • Your energy bills are suddenly much higher than usual.
  • Your heating and cooling system turn on and off much more often than it should (also known as cycling).
  • Your furnace turns on but doesn’t push heated air through the home.
  • You smell a strange odor every time your heating system turns on
  • Your furnace starts making strange noises (such as clanking, banging, or rattling sounds)

All of these are common indications that you need furnace repair Ellisville MO services. The sooner you schedule your repairs, the better. Delaying furnace maintenance and repairs will only make matters worse.

Why Choose Us for Your Furnace Repair Needs

We have the tools and expertise required to figure out what’s going on with your furnace and get it back in working condition as soon as possible. Our service technicians also have a reputation for efficiency and friendliness. They’ll take good care of you and your furnace.

Schedule Your Furnace Repair Ellisville MO Appointment

If your furnace has stopped working, please don’t hesitate to contact Advantage Air. We’ll come out and take care of your furnace repair Ellisville MO needs as soon as possible. We want to make sure you have a safe, heated home during the coldest months of the year.

Reliable Furnace Repair Ellisville MO Services

Here at Advantage Air, we know how important it is to have a well-functioning furnace when the weather gets chilly. We offer reliable furnace repair Ellisville MO services to residents of Ellisville and the St. Louis area.

Our skilled service technicians are familiar with all types of furnace models and components. Whether you’re dealing with a faulty pilot light or problems with your gas valve, we’ll get to the bottom of it and let you know what repairs we recommend.

When To Call Us for Furnace Repairs

If your heating and cooling system is no longer working properly and your home isn’t getting as warm as you’d like it to be, it’s probably time to call us for furnace maintenance and repairs. Here are some common signs of heating system problems that require a quick service call.

  • Your furnace has stopped working and your home is cold
  • Your energy bills have gone up unexpectedly and your furnace kicks on more frequently than you think it should
  • There are strange noises coming from your heating system, such as banging, rattling or squealing noises
  • You smell a bad odor whenever your furnace turns on
  • Your vents are not circulating heated air

These are all indications that something is wrong with your furnace and you need to schedule furnace repair Ellisville MO service.

Our Promise to You

We promise to do everything we can to get your furnace to work properly once again. You and your family deserve to have the peace of mind that comes from a well-functioning heating system, especially when winter sets in.

Schedule Your Furnace Repair Ellisville MO Service

If you’re ready to schedule our furnace repair Ellisville MO services, please contact us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to identifying the problems with your heating and cooling system and will do everything we can to get it back into proper working order right away.  

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold

When temperatures drop it’s nice to know that your home furnace can keep you and your family warm. To ensure that the system is in great running order, call on Advantage Air. They provide expert furnace repair in Ellisville, MO, and surrounding areas.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair

How do you know it’s time to call a furnace repairman? Pay attention to your system and look for the following signs:

  1. It’s making strange sounds. Clanging and banging are not normal for a well-running furnace. These noises could be anything from a loose belt to a failing blower motor.
  2. Adjusting the thermostat doesn’t help. If your house is cold no matter where you set the thermostat, it’s likely not communicating with your HVAC system and needs replacement or repair.
  3. Your heat pump cycles on and off frequently. This common furnace problem can be blamed on faulty wiring, a bad pilot light, or a problem with a larger component such as the heat exchanger.

Caring For Your Furnace

If your heating and cooling system is not working efficiently, check that the thermostat has good batteries and is connected properly to the system. Next, ensure that the pilot light is lit and the furnace is turned on.

After checking these things, if it still doesn’t run, it’s time to call for furnace repair. Your local Advantage Air professionals can come to your home and diagnose the situation.

In addition, it’s important to set up regular maintenance visits. Potential problems can be nipped in the bud before they become larger issues. Scheduled filter cleaning and replacement are also key to a well-running heating system.

Get a Furnace Repair in Ellisville, MO

Get ready for the colder weather now by scheduling a visit today for a furnace repair in Ellisville, MO. Contact Advantage Air to learn more about maintenance plans that can save you time and money.

As winter is still upon us, it is essential to ensure that your furnace is in good operating order. If you are experiencing problems with your furnace, you should schedule a repair immediately. Furnace maintenance may increase the effectiveness of your heating system, lengthen its lifespan, and guarantee that your home is warm and cozy all winter long.


The Advantages of Furnace Maintenance

Having your furnace fixed can bring a variety of advantages to your home, such as:

Increased heating efficiency

A well-maintained furnace will heat your home more efficiently, lowering your energy costs and benefiting the environment.

Regular maintenance and repair can help extend the life of your furnace, which can save you money in the long term.

Family members are safer when using furnaces that are in good functioning condition. They emit less carbon monoxide and are less likely to start a fire.

A furnace that has been properly maintained can also improve indoor air quality by eliminating allergens and pollutants from the air.


Choose Advantage Air for Furnace Repair in Ellisville, Missouri

When it comes to furnace repair in Ellisville, Missouri, it is essential to select a trustworthy and skilled business. Advantage Air has a staff of qualified HVAC technicians who are experienced, courteous, and committed to providing superior customer service.

Advantage Air recognizes the need of a working and effective heating system, particularly during the chilly winter months. As a result, we provide timely and dependable furnace repair services, as well as other plumbing and heating services, to guarantee that your house remains warm and cozy throughout the winter.


Our Furnace Maintenance Services

At Advantage Air, we provide a variety of furnace repair services to match your unique requirements. Whether you have a broken furnace, clogged air filters, or another problem, our team of specialists will analyze the issue and propose the best solution to get your heating system up and running again.


Don’t let a malfunctioning heater ruin your winter. Enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained heating system by contacting Advantage Air today about furnace repair. Our expert professionals will work quickly and effectively to repair your furnace and guarantee that your home remains warm and cozy throughout the winter. For all your furnace repair requirements in Ellisville, Missouri, call Advantage Air.

Advantage Air Heating & Cooling: Your Trusted Partner for Furnace Repair in Ellisville, MO


As the chilly winds of winter sweep through Ellisville, MO, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning furnace. But how do you know when it’s time to call in the experts for a furnace repair? Here are some telltale signs:

Unusual Noises: If your furnace starts making strange sounds – be it banging, whining, or grinding – it’s a clear indication that something’s amiss.

Inconsistent Temperatures: If some rooms feel like a sauna while others are icy cold, your furnace might be struggling to distribute heat evenly.

Rising Energy Bills: A sudden spike in your heating bill can be a sign that your furnace is working overtime due to underlying issues.


If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call Advantage Air Heating & Cooling, the leading name in furnace repair in Ellisville, MO. But why choose us?

Woman-Owned Business: We take immense pride in being a woman-owned business, bringing a unique blend of expertise and care to every project.

Same-Day Service: We understand the urgency of a malfunctioning furnace, especially in the heart of winter. That’s why we offer same-day service, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy.

Trusted Expertise: Our team of skilled technicians is trained to handle a wide range of furnace issues, ensuring quick and efficient repairs.

At Advantage Air Heating & Cooling, we’re not just about fixing furnaces; we’re about building lasting relationships with our clients. Trust in our expertise, and let us bring warmth back to your home.