Spring break, flowers blooming, and warmer weather are things that people look forward to in Spring. What people don’t talk about is what is yet to come. These are some Spring things that get overlooked, but definitely not unnoticed.

  1. It is always raining

Yes, everything is dead from winter and nature needs all the water to be revived, but could we at least get a break? You can’t even enjoy the season without getting soaking wet every day.

2. The humidity

Once again, could we at least get a break from the rain? Everyone’s hair is frizzing up, you could be really cold yet still sweating, and you just feel all around sticky.

3. Pollen, more pollen, and did we mention pollen?

Make sure you have your allergy medicine on deck if you plan on stepping foot outside. Not only can you not breathe, you cannot go two seconds without scratching your eyes, sneezing more than you blink, and keeping a bag of cough drops in your back pocket.

4. The weather is just as confused as us

Is it going to be spring today, winter, or both? Chances are, it’s both. The morning starts out at 30 degrees, warms up to 75 degrees by afternoon, then goes back down to 20 degrees by evening. You never know what to wear, or what season it is.

5. The mosquitos

Do we even have to talk about it? No one can go anywhere without hearing the words “mosquito bites.” We all have been personally victimized by these bugs.

6. Daylight Savings Time

If you are a morning person, you may hate this, but if you are a night person, you love it. You may get confused in the morning, being that it’s pitch black, as well as at night when the sun is still up at 9:00 pm. Regardless, that following Monday is always confusing when no one has a clue what time it really is.

7. Spring Cleaning

Time to put away all the sweaters and coats and break out the shorts and swimsuits. Actually on second thought, you may want to just keep those coats and sweaters in case the weather didn’t get the “warm weather” memo.

With those things in mind, Advantage Air can solve a few of those problems for you.

  1. Air Filtration Services

Pollen triggers allergies, but we can reduce them when you’re in your home. Air filtration is overlooked, but it is necessary if you want to reduce allergies and keep your home clean. Cut out the sneezing and check out our air filtration services! Get your home spring cleaning on!

2. Dehumidifier

It’s humid enough outside, you don’t need that in your home.  A dehumidifier in your home can help reduce irritation to your respiratory system, which will allow you to breathe easier in your home.  You’ll feel so much better in your home that you won’t even want to go outside.

3. Preventative Maintenance

You will need both your furnace and your ac working when comes spring. Make sure you have both up and running prior to these confusing days. You can schedule tune ups, regular checkups, or you can get a preventative maintenance plan.

4. Gas Line

There’s nothing that a good cookout can’t solve! Yes, you may be in the humid weather getting attacked by bugs, but at least you will have good food. If you need a has line for your grill, we can do that. Save us a burger and we can help you!

Although we cannot solve every problem, we can provide you with the best, same day service!