As a homeowner, you want to have the least amount of problems possible. You don’t want to spend your time having to fix issues with the systems in your home. With the Spring Season upon us and the weather warming up, we created a list to help you avoid and prevent any issues that may arise with your AC Unit.

You wouldn’t want to be running all day, so why would your air conditioner

Whether it’s keeping the windows open to get fresh air or keeping the door open to let in natural light, we all do it. Although, keeping those open requires your air conditioner to be running longer to maintain the temperature.  Put yourself in its place. You wouldn’t want to be running all day, so why would your air conditioner be any different?

Maintain a steady setting

You know the feeling of getting up, then sitting down, then getting up again and back to sitting down. It’s an inconvenience when you keep changing what you’re doing all the time. Your air conditioner can be the same way. We turn it off, then we turn it on, back on again, and then off when we get too cold. By maintaining a steady setting, your unit will run more efficiently.

Opening windows or opening sinuses

When your windows are open, you are allowing all the pollens to come into your home. This can trigger most people’s allergies. Yes, you’ll get fresh air, but you also won’t be able to breathe. Do you want your windows open, or your sinuses?

Lint or dust, it all gets trapped

When you’re done washing your clothes, you stick them in the dryer. You are constantly taking out the lint filter and cleaning it out so none of the particles get trapped in your new load of laundry. You change that with every use, so just imagine what your air conditioner filter looks like. It is filtering out the dust and dirt in the air that goes through it, so you can expect some malfunctions when not cleaned regularly. In order for it to run efficiently, it needs to be changed out regularly so it doesn’t get backed up.

Tune in to our Tune Ups

Like Pianos and guitars, your air conditioning unit needs to be tuned up as well. Spring has just started, which means you will be needing you unit working very soon. You want to ensure that you stay comfortable for these warm, upcoming seasons. The humidity and high temperatures make having a working AC Unit not only preferred, but necessary. Schedule a tune up with us today!

You get Regular Checkups, so should your Air Conditioner

You get a checkup one or two times a year just to ensure that you are healthy, and everything is running smoothly, so why not do the same for your air conditioner? Issues can arise in the cooler months when you aren’t using it, so when it comes time to turn it on, it doesn’t work. With our maintenance plan, you are able to stay ahead of any issues and prevent them early on before they become major problems. By taking that preventative step, you will be saving time and money when you stay ahead.  We provide two options for our maintenance plans. Contact us today to take that preventative measure and keep your units working properly!